About association

National association of Biobanks and biobanking specialists was founded in 2018 at supporting of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation for creating of full-fledged well-organized biobanking network, including biological resource collections and repositories. The creation of a network of biological materials banks in Russia is a strategic task of the country.

The Aim of NASBio – to unite of efforts of experts in the field of biobanking for development of network of Biobanks in Russia, providing specialized and educational services in the field of biobanking and also assistance in development and implementation of the scientific and practical projects and programs connected with use of funds and infrastructures of Biobanks

Activities of Society

  • professional consolidation of specialists in various fields of biomedical sciences
  • implementation of recommendations, standards, regulations, operational procedures and forms for Biobank
  • creation of a network of Biobanks of Russia
  • harmonization of the general information field among professionals professionally engaged in biobanking
  • expert activities in the field of biobanking
  • educational activities
  • establishment, maintenance and development of professional and scientific relations with specialists and societies of other biomedical specialties
  • development of international relations in the field of biobanking
  • development of cooperation between biobanks in the implementation of joint scientific, fundamental and practical, commercial and non-commercial projects
  • assistance in the creation of a modern biobank infrastructure


One of the most important aspect of activity of NASBio is holding a conferences, workshops, scientific meetings and learning courses and schools.