Entry rules

In order to become a member of NASBIO, you need:

1) Fill out an application for joining the Association;

Link to the application from individuals

Link to the statement from the entity

2) Send by e-mail aborisova@gnicpm.ru, info@nasbio.ru the following scanned documents:

application and copy of passport (for individuals)
application and organization card (for legal entities)

You will receive a notification of the successfully submitted application by the e-mail address indicated in the application.

Your application will be considered at the next NASBIO General meeting.

If the voting outcome is positive, the information on the procedure for making a membership fee will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the application.



According to Protocol No. 5 of NASBIO General meeting dated 18/03/20, the annual membership fee is 3,000 rubles, both for individuals and legal entities.

For persons who have not paid a fee for the current calendar year, next year membership in NASBIO will  be automatically suspended.

Upon joining NASBIO, a membership fee for the current year in the amount of 3,000 rubles is paid.

Membership fee is transferred to the account of the Association.

Annually, all members of the Association will receive a notification with a reminder of the payment of the membership fee and the account number of NASBIO.