Working groups


1. Working group “Informational support and harmonization of databases”

The Leader is Sergey Anisimov

  •  Harmonization of the formats of information messages about basic parameters of collections of national biobanks
  • Systematization of information on the potential and capabilities of national biobanks in the interest of increasing the demand for their work by researchers
  • Harmonization of clinical information registration forms for the most important clinical areas (oncology, hematology, autoimmune diseases, etc.)

2. Working group “Standardization”

The Leader is Vladimir Belyaev

  • Harmonization of foreign and the development of their own biobanking standards
  • Participation in the work of the Technical Committee for Standardization No. 326 “Biotechnology”
  • Development of methods for the collection, processing, storage and quality control of biological samples and validation of such methods
  • Consultations on the establishment of new biobanks, audit of biobanks

3. Working group “International Cooperation”

The Leader is Oleg Granstrem

  • Development of a national biobanking network as an integrative element of global biopharmaceutical R&D
  • Implementation of best biobanking practices and progressive regulatory approaches
  • Attracting of world biobanking experts participats and trend leaders into the Association`s events
  • Official representative of ISBER in Russia
  • Harmonization of international and national requirements to biobanking Involvement of Russian biobanks in the international exchanges and cooperation

4. Working group “Interaction with government agencies”

The Leader is Artem Tkachuk

  • Interaction of NASBIO with federal executive bodies
  • Promoting NASBIO interests in the public agencies. Solution of prinicipal organizational and legal issues
  • Participation in biobanking legislation
  • Monitoring of the activities of authorities and media in the field of biobanking
  • Interaction with the relevant industry associations, participation in the events organization and authorities` advisory councils work.

The main task is to announce to the top managers the verdict of NASBio  specialists in all areas of bio-banking

5. Working group “NASBio New Members”

The Leader is Maria Pokrovskaya

  • Explanatory work with specialists potentially interested in biobanks organizing
  • Attracting to cooperation of various biomedical fields specialists, whose activities are related to the collection, sample preparation and storage of biomaterial
  • Registration and admission of new members of NASBio – individuals and legal entities

6. Working group “Legal and ethical aspects of biobanking”

The Leader is Andrey Glotov

  • Development of cooperation between biobanks in the implementation of joint projects in the field of ethics and law
  • Promotion of legislative initiatives and proposals in the field of biobanking and genomic research
  • Expert advisory activities in the field of bio-banking
  • Assisting in the field of patenting and obtaining title documents certifying the exclusive right, authorship and priority of an invention, utility model or industrial design and other copyright

7. Working group “Education”

The Leader is Vladimir Sukhorukov

  • Coordination of the development of professional educational programs for biobanking specialists
  • Identification of target groups potentially interested in updating of the educational programs of various levels in the biobanking field
  • Development of educational programs for advanced training relevant for specialists of various fields, who encounter the need to interact with biobanks in their activities
  • Development of educational programs in the field of fundamentals and modern features of biobanking for students of biomedical universities
  • Monitoring of the main international scientific projects what use bio-banking as the main infrastructure element, with the aim of defining the new tasks for the developing educational programs of various levels

8. Working group “Conferences and publication activity”

The Leader is Anastasia Efimenko

  • Organization of annual NASBio conferences
  • Planning for NASBio’s participation in various conferences
  • Setup of the “BioBanking” column in a profile journal – the platform for publications on the topic of biobanking