Scientific Meetings

5th Scientific Meeting (09/30/2020) Meeting Agenda

1.      “Biobank Glossary”

Andrey S. Glotov, PhD, Head of the Department of Genomic Medicine” D.O.Ott Research Institute of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductology”, Head. lab. of Biobanking and Genomic Medicine of St. Petersburg State University on behalf of the team of authors: A.S. Glotov, A. Yu. Efimenko, A.I. Muravyov, Yu.A. Nasykhova, A.A. Mikhailova, V.Yu. Sysoeva

Report 40 min, discussion 20 min.

2.       “Modern methods of automatic isolation and purification of nucleic acids”

Alexander Loskovich (“Qvadros-Bio”, LLC, Moscow)

Report 20 min.

3.       Introduction of NASBIO new members:

“Gemabank” company, Moscow – Alexander V. Prikhodko

“Biobank of Northern Eurasia”, Moscow – Oleg P. Balanovsky

“Bio Banking Solutions”, LLC, Moscow – Vladislav O. Larionov
4th Scientific Meeting (06/03/2020)  

Meeting Agenda

1.       “The project to create a standard reference panel for biological materials from covid-19 patients and healthy controls ”

Oleg K. Granstrem (National BioService LLC)

2.       “Recommendations for collecting biological samples in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic”

Vladimir E. Belyaev (Biobank of Sechenov University)

3.       “Using a biobanking tool in the framework of multicenter comparative cohort prospective study among individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 or at high risk of contracting COVID-19, according to the assessment of the course, outcomes and long-term results of the disease ”

Maria S. Pokrovskaya (Biobank of “National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive medicine”)

4.       Miscellanea
3th Scientific Meeting (02/05/2020)  

Meeting agenda


1.       “Bioethical and philosophical aspects of biobanking”

Elena V. Bryzgalina (Philosophy faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University)


2.      “Creation of a unified system of requests for biological samples of Russian biobanks to expand analytical capabilities and effective use of collections”

Nail N. Minulaev (CoBrain-analytics company, Skolkovo)


3. ” Biosamples processing in biobank”

Alexander Loskovich (“Qvadros Bio” LLC)
2nd Scientific Meeting (12/05/2019)  

Meeting agenda


1.      “National Biobanking Platform as a Catalyst for Biomedical Research on the Example of a Project for Studying Hereditary Cancer Syndromes in the Russian Federation: Objectives and First Results”

Business Development Director, National BioService LLC, Vice President of NASBIO, Ph.D. Oleg K. Granstrem

Report – 40 min., Questions and discussion – 20 min.


2.      “The value of the Center for Collective Use “Biobank” in the diagnostic and research work of “Medical Genetic Research Center”

Head of the Center for Collective Use “Biobank” of “Medical Genetic Research Center”, Ph.D. Vyacheslav Yu. Tabakov

Report – 15 min., Questions and discussion – 10 min.


3. Miscellaneous
1st Scientific Meeting (09/18/2019)  

Meeting agenda:


1.      “Standardization in biobanking: from practices ISBER to ISO 20387”

Head of Biobank of Sechenov University, Vice-President of NASBIO Vladimir E. Belyaev

Report – 40 minutes, questions and discussion – 20 minutes.


2.      “Formats of storage of biological samples and their economic efficiency”

Business Development Director, “Qvadros Bio” LLC, Executive Director of NASBIO, Artem I. Muravyov

Report – 20 minutes, questions and discussion – 10 minutes.

3. Miscellaneous