Europe Biobank Week 2020 Virtual Conference

Don’t miss the keynote address of Prof. Kåre Mølbak on global epidemic prevention strategies: the role of pathogen archives!
November 17, Tuesday, 9:30 – 10:45 CET

Professor Mølbak, MD, DMSc, Executive Vice President and Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases Preparedness at Statens Serum Institut is responsible for the Danish COVID-19 surveillance, member of the national expert panel and member of the European Commission’s advisory panel on COVID-19. In his presentation, Professor Mølbak will be sharing the insights from the Danish COVID-19 mission control center on strategies, effects and current status of the pandemic.
Once upon a time…
Join us for some reflective inspiration on November 19, Thursday, 16:00 – 17:00 CET

EBW wouldn´t be EBW without some social networking beyond the lecture hall. Think of the energy in the air at those meetings in Antwerp and Lübeck!
While we can’t exactly match the social buzz of recent years in a digital platform, we can take time for a session dedicated to a more relaxed and personal interchange. We have asked a number of people representing the breadth of our community to reflect on personal challenges of life restricted by the pandemic. Then in a wider view, considering the broad sweep of our theme this year, we will relate some short stories that give hope for how biobanks can help us do more to address our biggest challenges. We’re thinking ahead, to a time when today’s small children are adults, and we’ve left them a legacy of biobanks that have been used to make the world a better place and are still available to do more…. Once upon a time!…

Welcome to this session, for some reflective inspiration. Maybe bring a drink, or invite a family member to join you!