NASBIO is a member of the Technical Committee of the Rosstandart No. 326 “Biotechnology”

Dear colleagues, we are pleased to inform you that according to the order of the Russian Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) No. 153 dated February 20, 2021, the NASBIO Association became a member of the Technical Committee No. 326 “Biotechnology”.

The development and implementation of biobanking standards is one of the main parts of the association’s activities. Membership in Technical Committee No. 326 provides an opportunity to take part in the development, examination, reviewing of national standards for biobanking and related areas, the formation of national standardization programs, translation of existing international standards in the field of biobanking into Russian.

At the moment, NASBIO is one of the developers of the Russian version of the standards ISO 20387  “Biotechnology — Biobanking — General requirements for biobanking” and ISO / TR 22758: 2020 “Biotechnology — Biobanking — Implementation guide for ISO 20387”. In addition, NASBIO is a reviewer of the translation of the standard ISO 20391-1 “Biotechnology — Cell counting — Part 1: General guidance on cell counting methods”.